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What is S.A.F.E.

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SAFE provides basic Security Awareness training, specialized training and consultancy services for all people traveling to and working in dynamic and Fragile Environments worldwide. Our wide variety of courses and consultancy will Prepare and guide you and your team to act and react on all different circumstances and challenges faced in this increasingly destabilized world.

At our core is a team of experts who have unparalleled real-life experience of recent events around the globe. Our trained experts bring deep knowledge, hard-won experience and training expertise to our clients.

As the world is constantly changing we adapt and update our courses all the time and we tailor our services to the exact needs of our clients.

We differentiate ourselves by our values:

Professionalism - highly experienced Subject Matter Experts
Quality – comprehensive solutions for all your security issues
Passion - for your security
Flexibility – tailored to your mission & security needs


Who We Are

Experience is the best teacher

0 Years of experience
0 Active deployments
0 Specialist Courses followed

The 4 founders of SAFE have a University degree from the Royal Military Academy and together they have 60+ years of military experience within the Special Forces; Personnel Recovery branch; Security and Force Protection; and Intelligence Operations and Information Gathering.

Currently 2 of them are still in active duty and are in senior positions within the military.

The 2 others are using their experience and expertise in the military at the service of Multinational Companies in High managerial positions which includes numerous travel needs.

They all executed several missions in fragile and hostile environments all over the world.

Your security and well-being abroad, blended with our extensive expertise, makes SAFE a vital investment.


  • Embassy Security
  • Anti-terrorism Force Protection Training
  • Counter-IED Training
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training
  • MBA Graduates

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Our Services

What We Offer

We can make you feel SAFE

We offer a range of training courses and consultancy services that are tailored to your needs. All our services are available bespoke to your requirements as we can offer solutions for all your security needs and commit ourselves to be your one-stop source for all your security issues. Our solutions are adaptive, real, flexible and relevant; an exact match for your needs.

The complete package

Level 1
is where it all starts. This basic security awareness course will give you a solid basis.

Level 2
builds further on the premises of Level 1 and will teach you
specialized courses fit for your needs.

Level 3
puts our expert’s experience and expertise into practice and we challenge your organization. Our services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance the performance of your business.



Choose the level that fits you

Level 1

Threat & Risk Assessment

Be aware of the threats and risks and know how to deal with them.

Personal Safety

How to avoid issues yourself and be aware of the dangers to yourself as an individual. Know how to prevent them and protect yourself from them.


Physical preparation is Key but mental preparation is even more important. Be aware of the mindfields and know how to be mentally prepared.

Incident Handling

Even well prepared – incidents still happen. Now prepare yourself on how to cope with them.

Level 2

Country Studies

This country briefing will offer an overview of political, economic and security aspects of any given country that may have an impact on the activities of your company and its staff.

Stress and Performance

These courses and workshops are based on state-of-the-art stress research with a focus on the professional needs of the client; if looked-for, in combination with individual stress management techniques.

Post Trauma

A sensitization course that provides practical insight into the emergence of a potentially traumatogenic event without going to deep into therapy and traumatology; potential first responders in isolated groups will be given do’s and don’ts.

Crisis Negotiation & Conflict Management

Practically oriented course with interpersonal negotiation techniques and conflict de-escalation; with a focus on resolving conflict situations non-violently.

3D Negotiation

Multidimensional and business oriented negotiation course; with a focus on the integral negotiation processes, interpersonal negotiation techniques, deal design and game crafting.

Trigger’s Reports

Trigger's Reports is a travel security mobile app. It will inform, track movements, send alerts in real time worldwide. This app will enable you to send alerts on security incidents, and receive reports back on the SAFE location of your staff. via mails, sms or push messages. Trigger’s Reports is an important asset if you want to increase your staff’s security and meet your duty of care responsibility.

Physical penetration testing

Test your security setup into practice. After reconnaissance and observation our people will penetrate your property with an intruder mindset with the objective to find and exploit the vulnerabilities in the security system: a potential intruders path to (critical) company assets that is not fully covered by the system, technologies that are not performing 100%, unknown blind spots in the security system, weaknesses in perimeters and barriers like overclimb detection that is not covering the whole perimeter or vibration detection that is not sufficiently sensitively adjusted…

Physical red team audit

A physical red team audit goes one step further than the physical penetration testing. The audit is usually performed when a company’s security system is more mature. As with the physical penetration test our people will execute an intrusion on your site without the knowledge of your staff but the red team audit primarily focuses on the detection and response action: Is the intrusion detection timely? Is the intrusion observed and communicated to the response force? Was the response appropriate? The objective is to improve the system and increase the probability of interruption of an intruder's action.

Level 3

We offer complete security audits, training design courses and process-oriented interventions with a focus on the optimal organization of services and organizations. Where necessary we will help you develop good practices and security protocols for your organization.


Why S.A.F.E.?


SAFE is part of the duty of care strategy for those working in, or travelling to fragile environments. The need to build capacity at the individual level is especially important as we enter a new and more disruptive world, where security risks may be more pronounced.

Disruptive World

The world is becoming increasingly more unstable and the areas of danger are constantly moving. Moreover, the world has never been as small and the travel needs and possibilities of people worldwide has never been so high.

It Can Happen
To All Of Us

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The Prepared Traveller
Is A Safe Traveller

SAFE wants to prepare your organization and your people to respond to these challenges.



Lets work together

Let us help you be prepared.

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