Who we are

The 4 founders of SAFE have a University degree from the Royal Military Academy and together they have 60+ years of military experience within the Special Forces; Personnel Recovery branch; Security and Force Protection; and Intelligence Operations and Information Gathering.

Currently 2 of them are still in active duty and are in senior positions within the military.

The 2 others are using their experience and expertise in the military at the service of Multinational Companies in High managerial positions which includes numerous travel needs.

They all executed several missions in fragile and hostile environments all over the world.

Your security and well-being abroad, blended with our extensive expertise, makes SAFE a vital investment.


  • Embassy Security
  • Anti-terrorism Force Protection Training
  • Counter-IED Training
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Extraction
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training
  • MBA Graduates

Tom Hendrickx

Founder Operational Director

Tom is retired from the Belgian Defense where he was a officer responsible for training and education. He uses this experience to streamline your different requests and trainings.

Tom de Wilde

Founder Operational director

Tom is still an active military with an extensive background in survival and conduct after capture. He has an extensive operational background and delivers valuable insights and course content.

Luyckx Amaury

Founder CFO

He is a retired intel officer that is now CEO from a company that provides logistical support for firms active all over the world. He knows perfectly what compagnies need to enhance the security.

Goris Mark


He is still active in Belgian Defence. He has an extensive background in embassy protection and multiple mission. Therefore he can deliver first hand valuable insights to improve your safety.


Subject Mater experts

We work with a mix of retired and active military and law enforcement personnel. They all are experts in their field of domain. Depending on your need we constitute the ideal team of experts.

Who we are

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